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Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

These are the Terms and Conditions for Subscribers (“Terms”) that govern the use of all web sites owned by Metal Expert LLC (hereinafter referred to as “our web sites”). The offer to use our web sites is conditional on your acceptance of these Terms. The use of our web sites’ content and services implicates your agreement to abide by these Terms. The web sites these Terms are applied to are listed in the clause No.4.

2. Copyright

All the materials published on the web sites owned by Metal Expert LLC or supplied as a part of related services (including files in PDF or any other formats sent by e-mail as well as html-pages, etc) belong to us or our third party information providers and are protected by copyright laws.

No content or data provided on our web sites or as a part of related services may be reprinted, reproduced on other web sites, stored in corporate networks or data storages and entirely or partially distributed in any way without the prior written permission from Metal Expert LLC.

3. Access to subscription-based content

Access to subscription content of our web sites is provided only at submission of the User name and Access password (hereinafter referred to as “Password”). Any single Password is intended for use of one specific employee of a company. So, no other individual can use your Password. It is prohibited to pass the Password to other individuals and make it available to multiple users of a corporate network.

You shall be fully responsible for the use of your Password and shall prevent unauthorised use of it. If you believe that your Password has become available to other persons, you must immediately notify us about that.

If more than one individual within a company needs to access the applicable web site, an equivalent number of Passwords shall be purchased.

Metal Expert LLC reserves the right to monitor and control subscribers’ adherence to these Terms and their use of our web sites as well as the right to suspend any Passwords without notice if any violations are discovered.

4. List of our web sites